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We are the leading ozonation system manufacturer from Gujarat. Since the year of establishment, we are engaged in the production and selling of these systems on a large scale worldwide. The use and benefits of the ozone system provided have enabled us to obtain a reputed name in the manufacturing sector. With the leveraging skills of qualified engineers, we are producing the best range of ozonation systems as per consumer conveniences. This type of system is highly utilized for reducing the amounts of micro pollutants released in the aquatic systems by the wastewater treatment plants. The ozone system comprises an ozone generator and a reactor to be used for water treatment. The systems we manufacture have a wide array of applications like drinking water treatment, disinfection of commercial swimming pools, and in industries such as offshore and mining. Our engineering specialists have used the best possible features for ease of operation so that consumers can have the edge of unbreakable and hassle-free operation of ozonation systems thus produced. We have relied upon trusted materials for the fabrication to sustain long-time accuracy and workability in the offered systems.

The ozonation systems thus produced are compatible in easy installation and heavy workload. It ensures low power operation thereby offering a high level of contaminant and pollutant removal and leaving a long time effect on the areas of the application making it safe from further effluents. Our manufactured systems are fabricated on the universal based quality norms and thus it is compatible to be used in any industry type. We are offering ozonation systems at highly economical price rates throughout India. So, whenever you feel any type of requirement for ozonation water treatment systems feel free to contact us anytime as we provide hassle-free support and service for the same from anywhere in India.


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