Mineral Water Bottling Plant

Mineral Water Bottling Plant Manufacturers

We are the leading Mineral Water Plant Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The best quality of the mineral water bottling plant is provided by the GIECL that also the exclusive price. The wide range of the mineral water bottling plant and also the Mineral water bottling plant customization are at provided by the organization. These plants after passing the strict quality check they are handed over to the customers and are free from the manufacturing defects.

Besides this the mineral water bottling plants are easily supplied and exports to the different part of the country. The ISO 9001:2015 certified mineral water bottling plant is manufactured by us and that is known in the national and the international market. The GIECL have experience of the more than 24 years in this field and have served many national and international clienteles which are satisfied with our services. These mineral water plants are basically used for the packaging of the mineral water in the bottles.

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Mineral Water Bottling Plant in mumbai, kolkata, bopal, chennai, gujarat


  • Water source: Underground water source or some other source
  • Functionality: Automatic
  • Water Filtration Plant: Yes, 1-3 filter
  • Filtration Capacity: 500 to 60,000 liters
  • Water Purification Plant: Yes, and its customizable
  • Purification Capacity: 500 to 50,000 liters per hour depending on plant capacit
  • Additional Features: Control Panel, Bottle Sealing Facility, Labeling facility
  • Power Consumption: 5 to 10 HP, depending on the size of the plant


The following are the benefits of the mineral water plant provided by the GIECL are as follows

  • The wide range of the mineral water bottling plant of the different design, size and design are provided by us.
  • Beside this they are also used for the enhancing the water taste.
  • During the filtration process the harmful particles are eliminated and important nutrients are not removed.

We are the leading Mineral Water Bottling Plant Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Ahmedabad. The wide range of the water plants available in the different color is provided by us. Please contact us for more details the executive is available 24x7 and providing the complete assistance regarding the service and the product to the customers.