1. What is the Reverse Osmosis Plant?

The Reverse Osmosis Plant or the RO plants are used in the water purification process. It makes use of the semi preamble membrane in the filtration process the impurities are collected by the membranes and the filtered water is collected from one end and the waste water is removed from the other side.

2. What is the Industrial RO Plant?

The Industrial RO Plant is the types of the Reverse Osmosis Plant that are specially designed for the Industrial uses and mainly used for the water filtration.

3. What is the Pharmaceutical RO Plant?

The Pharmaceutical RO Plant is mainly designed for the Pharma Company and they are the different types of the Reverse Osmosis Plant that are used by the Pharma Company as they are also making use of the water for manufacturing of the medicine and several other purposes and they are demanded in the Pharma sector.

4. What is the Seawater Desalination Plant?

The Seawater Desalination Plant is the type of the water treatment plant that are making use of the sea water and after passing through this plant the salinity of the water is removed totally and makes them eligible for the consumption and can also used for several other purposes.

5. What is the Water Bottling Project?

The water bottling project that is specially designed for the packaging of the water and it is highly used by the beverage industries for the packaging of the water, juice, cold drink, milk, etc. and also many more things.

6. What is the Mineral Water Plant?

The mineral water plant is the type of the water treatment plant that makes the use of the water from the different sources and after passing through the mineral water plant the taste and the mineral of the water are restored and also enhance the taste of the water.

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